Dramatis Personae

Arti - Oh, hey, that's me!  Your hostess, narrator, etc.  Submissive, queer, femme-y, passionate about lots of subjects related to sex and feminism.  I originally had doubts about starting a new blog, but I think I sometimes manage to say important and/or interesting things when I'm not just writing about being fisted.  Sometimes, I may even manage to do that while I'm writing about being fisted.  

Apart from being a huge perv, I work in retail (though actually a large part of my job involves being a huge perv), I have a background in theatre (so I sometimes tend to reference musicals randomly in my writing), and I seem to be struggling with some sort of thus-far-undiagnosed emotional issues.  There are links to my twitter and tumblr in the sidebar, and I can be reached via email at arti.absinthium@gmail.com

Garnet - My completely amazing partner and Dominant of about two years.  Switchy, sadistic, domly, genderqueerish, and badass as fuck.  They are also super loving and patient with me when I have breakdowns.  They put oodles of work into my training as their lady's maid and pet, and I hope I make it worth the effort.  Also, it is one of my rules to write a blog post every time we play or have sex, and they sometimes give me other writing assignments as well.  Has their own blog here.

Conall - Garnet's sometimes play-partner, who I used to be super jealous of.  It turns out he's actually a pretty cool person, and he and I are maybe going to be friends now.

Roderick - My most recent ex and the person I started exploring kink with.  We really loved each other a lot, but we had some incompatible kinks (and some very incompatible ideas about how open relationships work).

Dr. Asshole - My emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend from high school.  Hopefully I will not be writing about him very much, but he does need a pseudonym, just in case.

Mr. Nice - My college boyfriend.  Mainly notable because he was very, very anti-sex.  Did not believe in penis-in-vagina sex before marriage, which became no sexual contact before marriage, which became no orgasms before marriage.  He was very nice, just kind of clueless in a lot of ways.