Too Darn Hot

There's a song in Kiss Me Kate called "Too Darn Hot" that is literally about those times where it's too hot to have sex.  Seriously.  That's what it's about.  I love Cole Porter.

Last week, Garnet and I were in exactly this situation.  It was hideously hot, but also we really wanted to have sex.  "I really want to fuck you in the ass," they said at one point, "but I don't want to strap on and...move."  They joked about starting a petition for sex to involve less moving.  We had hauled an air conditioner up into their bedroom, though, so we figured that would maybe help.

Garnet just moved/is still kind of in the process of moving, so we had limited resources.  Fortunately, one of our favorite dildos for buttsex was among them.  We turned on the AC, spread a blanket on the floor, and then they ordered me to get undressed.  I shed my dress and wriggled out of my bra and undies.  I was already so turned on.  Garnet slid their fingers into my cunt "You're already wet and gaping for me," they laughed.

They lubed up and started warming me up with fingers.  It felt so good, the way they slipped inside my ass.  It felt like such a long time since they'd fucked my ass, and I was so excited.  "You're so tight," they said.  I got warmed up quickly, though, because soon they were pushing the long, smooth dildo inside me.  I moaned and pushed back, wanting to take it all but also trying not to rush.

They experimented a bit, pushing the dildo as far in as it would go and tapping the base, sliding it in and out, and then they pushed downwards with it, and I basically lost it.  It felt amazing, and my brain turned off and all I could do was feel and moan and push myself back on the toy as they pushed it inside me.

The Hitachi was close at hand, and they grabbed it and pressed it to my clit, switching it on.  I pushed back harder, getting completely overwhelmed very quickly.  I think it was just a few seconds before I was asking permission to come.  Garnet gave their permission, and I started coming as soon as they said I could, moaning and squeezing the toy inside me.

And then they shifted the Hitachi, and I completely lost control, and at first I thought I was squirting, but then the scent hit me and I realized that I was, in fact, pissing.  "Oh God, did I pee?" I asked, and Garnet laughed and told me I had, and that I was such a dirty little slut for coming so hard I lost control of my bladder.  I could feel my face get warm.

They pulled the dildo slowly out of my ass, and happily observed how open I was, both my ass and my cunt gaping wide.  They told me to hold myself open like a good slut, positioning my hands so they could take pictures of my open holes, laughing delightedly the whole time.  I felt deliciously humiliated.  When they were done taking pictures, they asked how I was going to clean up my piss, which had soaked through the blanket and onto the floor.  "However you think I should, Sir," I replied, knowing what they would want me to do.

"Are you sure?  Be careful..." they warned.  I nodded, and they pulled back the blanket and looked pointedly at the small puddle on the floor.  I bent and began to lick it up.  "How does it taste?" Garnet asked "Your piss and cum?"  I sat up for a second and giggled, saying it was weirdly kind of sweet.  Then I finished licking up the rest.  Garnet continued to tease me, asking what I was going to tell their roommate about pissing on his blanket, if I was going to tell him that I was such a slut that I lost control of my bladder with a dick in my ass.  Then they had me go toss the blanket in the wash.

For the record, they later said I didn't have to tell their roommate if I didn't want to, and then we kind of both ended up telling him together, and his response was "Oh, that's cool," before he went right back to whatever he'd been talking about before.


So many delightful, delicious things have happened lately...and then also my work schedule pretty much went to hell.  I should have updated way sooner, though.

-Garnet and their boy and I all went to a party.  I went to classes beforehand, and learned many exciting and important things about boots. Later, Garnet actually let me shine their boots for them.  This is, like, hugely important to me, and thus far I've only been allowed to practice on my own boots and being trusted to take care of theirs was really amazing and significant and also hot.  And I feel really accomplished that they think my leather care skills have improved that much.

-I watched them have an impact scene with their boy, and I enjoyed it a weird amount.  Still kind of figuring that out.  We'll see what happens.

-Later, we had an amazing, delicious stomping/kicking scene.  Like...just everything about it was so amazing.  Being pushed into the floor under their boots, crawling and kissing and licking said boots (which I'd polished earlier!)...it was just so good.  So good.  I am describing it poorly because I lack the words to articulate how near-perfect it was.  Seriously.

-So many important relationship things have happened, both D/s relationship and regular relationship.  I have never felt so loved and secure in literally my entire life.

-During some stressful goings-on, Garnet went and grabbed my hairbrush out of my bag.  It turned out that they'd really just intended to brush my hair to relax, but instead they pulled up my nightgown and started spanking me with the back of the brush.  It's a boar-bristle brush, with a wooden handle and back, and it's quite stingy.  They alternated between smacking me with the back of the brush and scratching me with the bristles, until my ass was deliciously sore and covered in bright red dots.  At some point, as they hurt me, their fingers slid into my cunt.  Eventually they put the brush aside and started concentrating on really fucking me hard.  They put me in all sorts of positions, and pulled out the Hitachi and made me squirt and come and come and squirt until I was basically too exhausted to move.  I felt so delightfully, thoroughly played with and used.

-Later, I got to use my mouth and fingers and an absurdly large dildo on them.  We were both surprised by how much of the dildo they were able to take before I went back to using my fingers.  I'm a little disappointed in myself that my hand/arm got too tired to keep fucking them until they came, but they solved that issue in a completely lovely way by getting themself right to the edge of  an orgasm and then having me slip my fingers back inside while they came and came.  I know I say this in, like, every post, but I'm such a lucky girl.

-I've been doing way more research on my service skills, from spending pretty much a whole day reading bootblacking resources to reading really interesting non-fiction books about servants in Victorian households.  I'm really enjoying it, and I hope I'm able to keep it up with my ridiculous work situation.

Hopefully I'll also have time to blog more often.


Garnet and I recently had sex during one of the worst movies I've ever seen.  Like, truly, hideously bad.

They gave me permission to dig through their toy box and masturbate if I wanted.  So I pulled out our neon green Vixskin Maverick (or Patient Zero, as we've named it) and started touching myself.  I don't even think I'd started using the dildo on myself when Garnet snagged it, lubed it up, and started pushing it inside me.  They teased me and occasionally smacked my cunt as they pushed the huge cock in and out of me.

I came pretty quickly, once they pulled out the Hitachi, and they teased me about being able to do so while the movie was still on in the background.  What was really awesome, though, was the way they made me squirt--they hit just the right spot with the Hitachi externally while pushing hard against my g-spot.  The feeling of pressure very quickly built up, and they pulled out of my cunt and I pushed down and my whole body arched as I bore down and just absolutely gushed.  Like, liquid poured out of me.  After words we realized it had splashed off the bed and gotten their bag on the floor a little wet.

I used to mostly just, like, trickle a bit occasionally, so these porn-star-level squirting moments are new and exciting and kind of delightful for both of us.

After making me squirt a bunch, they stuffed the dildo back into me and began to fuck me really, really hard with it.  I could feel it filling me up until there wasn't anywhere else for it to go, and if I rested my hand on my abdomen I could feel a bulge there as it pushed on me from the inside.

Ordinarily, this is one of the hottest things to me.  It's really exciting to think about being fucked so hard with something so huge.  But for whatever reason, that day my body just wasn't cooperating and I had to ask several times to take breaks, and finally I had to give up on such hard, deep penetration.  For a little bit, they kept fucking me slowly and not as deep, which felt delicious and basically made me purr, and then we wound down and ended up cuddling.

I confessed later that I felt kind of like I was letting them down for not being able to take as much hard fucking as I sometimes can.  They petted me and reassured me that I'd done well, and they were pleased with how hard I'd taken it.

I'm such a lucky girl


Playdate with Avery

Garnet, our friend Avery, and I have been trying to all have sex together literally for years now.

We've all three been at parties and kept missing each other or didn't have time.  And one time we almost did, but I was in the middle of being terribly depressed and anxious, so I started weeping inconsolably in the middle of attempted sex and brought everything to a grinding halt.

But finally, this past weekend, after going out to a party on Saturday (at which I got deliciously beat up, and also was allowed to eat a cupcake), going to a museum with Garnet and the new boy on Sunday, on Monday Avery came to visit!  They got there right around the time Garnet got home from work, and the three of us hung out and petted Garnet's snake (this is not a euphemism--Garnet has acquired a pet snake, and he's adorable), and then we started talking about/showing off toys, and we talked about limits and boundaries, and then in order to show off one particular impact toy, Avery and I both bent over and got hit on our butts and thighs.  Soon after that, Garnet ordered me to take off my dress.

I lay on my back, in just my underwear, and Garnet teased me and bit and pinched me.  Avery started stroking between my legs, and when they pulled their hand away Garnet gave me a sharp tap there.  "You beat me to it," Avery pouted.  They both petted and stroked and scratched and pinched me all over my thighs and belly and breasts.  Avery gave me super soft kisses, and Garnet bit the spot where my neck meets my shoulder.  At one point, they both bit me, and I very nearly swooned.  Being bitten by more than one person at a time gives me a lot of vampire/victim feels.  Garnet put clover clamps on my nipples, something I'd only only really done by myself before, and...they were very intense.  I made a lot of noises while they pulled the chain, and eventually had to ask to have them taken off.  I actually screamed when Garnet took off the first clamp, and they scolded me about how the neighbors might call the police.  They gagged me right around then.  I was really delighted that their new ball gag actually fits in my mouth!

Soon after, they took away my undies and removed and disposed of my tampon.  They asked if I wanted to be fucked (because I'm such a filthy slut) and I nodded an emphatic yes behind the gag.  Garnet lubed up their fingers and thrust them into my cunt hard and fast.  I was really turned on, from all the play and pain, and from the idea of being fucked in front of Avery, and I took lots of fingers very quickly.  It felt really, really good to be so filled up by them, and they kept asking if I wanted more and I nodded, and they had I think four fingers up to the knuckles in my cunt, sliding on my blood and the lube, and Avery watching the whole thing, and they asked if I wanted more, if I wanted to take their whole fist.  I nodded, and they asked Avery to undo the gag.  They added more lube, and pushed further inside me.  We got so close, but it started to hurt and I just couldn't take their whole hand.  They asked if Avery wanted to try.  So Avery slid several fingers into me, and Garnet picked up the Hitachi and held it against my clit.  It was different and interesting and delightful to be finger-fucked by a new person.  Especially by Avery, who is really attractive.  They pushed inside me, stroking my g-spot, and soon I was close to coming.  "Are you getting close?" Garnet teased, and I nodded.  "Be sure to ask permission.  And you have to ask both of us."

"Please, may I come?" I gasped.

"I said you have to ask both of us," Garnet chided.

"Please, Sir, please, Avery, may I come?"  They debated between themselves for a moment before they let me.  It took a little bit, but soon I was squeezing Avery's fingers inside me and moaning and shaking.  Then Garnet changed the positioning on the Hitachi, and Avery kept pressing my g-spot, and I started getting closer and closer to squirting.  I nodded, and Garnet instructed Avery to pull out their fingers, and I squirted a lot.  Fluid was gushing out of me, and I could hear splashing sounds and then delighted noises from Garnet and Avery.  Then Garnet scolded me for making a mess, which I really had.  I completely soaked the bed, and Avery's thigh.  Garnet pulled me up to press my face to Avery's leg and ordered me to lick up the large quantity of cum that I'd gotten all over them, and I happily obeyed.  As I licked. Garnet lubed up their fingers and pushed into my ass.  I wriggled on their fingers while I licked and panted against Avery's thigh.  "Two fingers right away," Garnet observed.  "You are a slut."

"Yes, Sir," I agreed.  They went to clean up their hands, instructing Avery and me to play nice.  Mostly, Avery petted me while I recovered.

When Garnet returned, they and Avery discussed what to do next.  Avery wanted to be fucked with a strap-on, and Garnet offered me and my brand new harness up.  Avery chose a cock, and I got cleaned up a little and then popped it into my fabulous harness.  I lay on my back, and Avery mounted me, sliding down on the cock.  Their bits were shaved, and really pretty, and I had trouble doing anything other than watching and being thrilled while they rode me.  I did manage to match their thrusts, and they made delightful, happy noises, and then Garnet exclaimed how much fun it was to watch me fuck someone else with their cock, and they pressed a vibrator into my hand.  I grinned and held the vibe against Avery's bits, enjoying their reactions, pushing up into them.  They cried out that they were getting close to coming, and I increased the vibration, and they came, moaning, while riding me.  It was impossibly hot.

When they rolled off, Garnet knelt between my legs and sucked the cock into their mouth.  They sucked and licked and gagged, pausing at one point to grin at me and say "It's so hot tasting someone else on my cock while you're wearing it."

Then we paused, because Garnet's roommate had made us quesadillas for a snack.

After eating our quesadillas, we all lounged on Garnet's bed trying to avoid the wet spot.  "Do we want to go to the bar?" Garnet asked.  "Or do we want to get Garnet off?"

Avery and I both voted for the second option, or possibly both.  Garnet got comfortable on the bed and instructed me to show Avery what to do.  I crouched between their legs and licked at their bits, then slid my fingers inside.  Then Avery and I switched places, and I gave them tips about how much pressure to use.  We came up with some exciting combinations, with my stroking Garnet's clit and Avery fingering them.  Garnet picked up the Hitachi, and suggested that I show Avery how to finger them from inside.  Avery slid their fingers inside Garnet's bits, and I slipped two fingers in underneath, trying to guide them to the right places.  It was really, really delicious, the two of us working together to please Garnet, and they told us how good it felt while they held the Hitachi against their clit.  "Switch with me?" Avery whispered, and we switched our hands so that my fingers were on top, nestled against Garnet's spot, and theirs were underneath.  Garnet immediately moaned.  "See?" said Avery softly, "They know your fingers."  And with me pressing on their g-spot and Avery thrusting deeper into them, and the two of us exchanging delighted grins and commenting on how hot Garnet is and how wet they were, Garnet came, calling out both our names.

Then we went to the bar.

Seriously, I think this had to be the hottest, most satisfying threesome I've ever participated in.  I mean, not that it's remotely okay to rank things like that.  But it was ridiculously hot, sharing and being shared and working together to enjoy each other.


Catching up...

Everything has been super busy, and work and life have been really stressful, and I have a backlog of posts I need to write.  So here is part of an effort to get caught up.

Garnet has a new boy.  I have to come up with another fake name, which is frustrating, but otherwise he and I seem to get along really well.  It's a really nice change from all the conflict we've dealt with during past attempts at this sort of thing.  And it's really interesting to me what's different and what's not.  Like, do I still sometimes feel jealous and insecure and freaked out about my own perceived inadequacy?  Yes.  Do I feel annoyed and irritable and spend lots of time wishing he'd just go away?  I do not!  Which is both pleasant and interesting.  Also, the new boy is also submissive, which is something I have zero experience dealing with...and while that definitely is a contributing factor to my worries and jealous feels, I'm also kind of excited to see what all happens with this.

After meeting him, I got to go home with Garnet and sleep with them, all snuggled up against them.  In he morning, we were hanging out in bed and snuggling and...I guess I'm still shy about initiating sex sometimes?  But I was groping at them and nuzzling and finally they said something about me teasing them, and I apologized and backed off...and they responded by telling me they meant that I should stop teasing and start doing stuff.  So I nuzzled my way between their legs and started licking and sucking at their bits.  I feel like I spent both a long time playing with their body, and like it was over surprisingly quickly.  I was feeling really orally fixated (which is kind of a constant thing with me, but more so than usual), and I had so much fuck sucking on their clit and their labia.  They tasted delicious, and their clit got harder than I've seen it before.  I stroked them with my fingers, too, both inside and out...and they let me suck at and play with their nipples a lot, which I don't get to do that often.  They were so tasty and fun to play with.  And, when they were using the Hitachi on themselves, I got to slip my fingers inside them and press against their spot and watch/listen to them react.  They got kind of frustrated with how long it took for them to get off, but I really liked feeling my way inside them.  Everything about it was really enjoyable.

I'm also really excited about how stuff is developing D/s-wise.  I'm finally getting back on track with my assignments, post-holidays, and Garnet has homework and stuff planned.  I think also having the new boy around makes me realize how far I've come since Garnet and I started all this.  Things I thought I'd never get right come easily and naturally now.  I still have a really long way to go...but I'm pretty sure I can do it.  I'm so eager to learn more, and get better at serving them, and take on new things.  I've been saying this a lot lately, but I am so incredibly fortunate to be their girl.


I am so into The Boss

I have mentioned before, I think, how much I really really like The Boss by Abigail Barnette.  If you know me in meatspace, I have probably told you extensively in person how much I like this book, and ennumerated the reasons why I think it's so good.  I've wanted to blog about it for a while (and its sequel, The Girlfriend), but I've been putting it off for ages.

I've been trying really hard to figure out how I can do this without comparing The Boss endlessly to Fifty Shades of Grey.  Partly because I'm just really tired of talking about Fifty Shades, and partly because I just feel like The Boss deserves better.  But it's hard.  Especially since I'm reasonably sure that part of the reason The Boss exists is to highlight how terrible Fifty Shades is.  But I'm going to try...

So The Boss.  Twenty-something New Yorker Sophie Scaife arrives at her job at a top fashion magazine to discover that the magazine has been bought out and her awful, demanding boss has been replaced...by the older man Sophie had an amazing one-night-stand with years before, who it turns out is Neil Elwood, a well-known media mogul.  They talk through the awkward, and agree to have a no-strings-attached sex arrangement.  He moves her to a different department within the magazine, because it would be wildly inappropriate for him to be having any sort of sexual relationship with his assistant.

Through talking about what they both like in bed, Neil admits he's into BDSM and Sophie admits she wants to explore D/s with him in the bedroom.  They play sexy games, where he does things like making her edge while masturbating and send her home with no panties.  Every time they play, he reminds her what their safewords are before they start, or before things get more intense.  He frequently checks in to make sure she's okay.  Also, he lends her his iPad which has a bunch of useful instructional kink guides loaded on it for her to read.

Basically, they both agree to pursue a sexy, consensual D/s relationship because it's something they're both interested in and find hot.

I'm so into the realism here.  There are definitely elements that make things more glamorous than most people's real lives, like Neil's huge, gorgeous apartment on Central Park, but the characters are still believable as actual people.  Sophie and her roommate, Holly, have believable quirks and inside jokes.  They wear goofy pyjamas, smoke weed, and eat cheap Chinese food.  Neil is likable, for all that he's a multi-billionaire and kind of a control freak sometimes.  Also, he's middle aged.  He sings off-key in the shower.  And he and Sophie argue about his control freakery.  She's submissive to him during sexy times, but there's no full-time power exchange and they hang out and act like friends most of the rest of the time.  And while Neil's money is there, sometimes hanging over him and Sophie like a huge, awkward cloud of different-ness, it's completely reasonable that a middle-aged dude who owns a publishing empire would have an absurd amount of money, and the book shows him doing actual work.

There are obstacles, like Neil's adult daughter, and finally Sophie has to make some very serious choices about her work/relationship boundaries (major downside of trying to ethically fuck your boss).  And of course, feelings develop, the way feelings sometimes do in NSA arrangements.  But again, the conflicts and problems are real things people might actually face in a relationship.  It's refreshing.

Also, I love that this book finally breaks this thing where in straight-up erotica everyone is bisexual and in erotic romance no one is.  Queer people exist!  Queer people of color, even!  I will be writing way more about this if/when I get around to writing a post about the sequel, The Girlfriend, because way more awesome queer stuff happens there, but still!  There are multiple people who are not straight in this book, and while one of them is a snarky gay man who works for a fashion magazine, he's also written as a real person and not a cardboard cut-out.

I feel like the world of kinky literary porn really needed this book.  For so long, we've had these grand fantastic novels with secret societies and 24/7 slaves, going all the way back to The Story of O.  Don't get me wrong, I love that shit.  I'm utterly obsessed with Laura Antoniou's Marketplace series.  But there is so definitely a place for a novel where two people engage in hot, well-negotiated, consensual BDSM, and maybe fall in love, and nobody actually gets sold at auction or freaks out about how "damaged" they are.  Things are so grounded in the real world that there are even specific sex toys described within the book.

I really, really, really like The Boss.  I like it so much that I bought its sequel immediately upon finishing it.  If you would also like to read The Boss, it's available for free in a few places, which you can find by looking at this site here.


I was in my nightgown and underpants, lounging in bed with Garnet.  They set aside what they were doing and started teasing me, running their fingers over my breasts and my thighs.  It was maddening...the light touches over the most sensitive parts of my skin...circling in towards my bits.  They drew it out for ages, until I was squirming and whimpering, then grinding against their hand and leg.  "What a good little bunny!" they laughed as they teased me.  Their light touches were so intense, and hitting the spots that make me twitch and moan until they actually asked if I was okay.

I slipped my nightgown over my head and knelt up for them, and they teased my breasts more.  They trailed their fingers over the underside, making me breathe heavily.  They suckled at my nipples and bit hard on one side.  It was a little hard to take, but it also felt amazing.  They pulled out their little leather squid flogger and began to flog my tits, starting out far away and getting closer and hitting harder with each stroke.  It felt...really exciting and good.  And painful.  Obviously.  They complimented me on how well I was taking it, so of course it got way harder almost immediately.  They set aside the squid and picked up our little leather rug beater.  They hit me once and I immediately collapsed into a squirmy, squealing heap.  They tapped my butt and thighs, laughing as I tried to cover myself.  "Aww, this is the toy you wanted," they said.  They smacked me until I begged for them to stop.

This became a pattern.  They teased me and got me all turned on and riled up, then did something painful.  After more teasing, they pulled out...a blackhead extractor.  Which, y'know, is not generally a sexy tool.  I laid back and closed my eyes and tried to hold still as they went to work on my chest and thighs with the extractor.  I'll spare the gorier details, but at one point when I made a noise they said "It's a good thing I get you all turned on before I do this."  I agreed.  Turned out, they were completely joking, but I explained that it's way easier to process  the sensations of them picking at my skin when I'm turned on.  And, when they're using the extractor on the rest of my body, it's easier for me to pretend they're cutting me.

They grinned and slowly drew the tool across the skin over my ribs, and I gasped.  They pulled it over my skin in patterns all over my body, finally drawing a y-incision over my chest and abdomen.  It was impossibly intense, both the sensation and the thought that kept pounding in my head "They're cutting me, they're cutting me, they're cutting me..."  I felt completely like their plaything, just a body.  I was so deep in subspace.  I may have started calling them Master.  They checked in a lot to make sure I was okay, since I was so clearly really out of it.  I managed to assure them I was fine.

When I could move, they had me stand and look in the mirror.  The extractor had left raised marks on me.  It looked like scarification.  It looked and felt completely amazing.

I collapsed back on the bed and they pulled out their toys to assess how we should fuck.  We'd been talking about buttsex all week, but it was really late at night and positioning was going to be tricky with their bad knee acting up.  "You could still fuck my face..." I suggested, smiling wide.  They put on the Share, and I crouched between their legs and slowly licked up its length.  I slathered chocolate orange flavored lube over their cock and got to work, sucking and licking and bobbing my head.  Teasing with my tongue.  I loved it.  The way it felt, the way it tasted.  And, best of all, the way they reacted.  I ran my tongue around the head and over the frenulum, and they moaned and clutched at the pillows.  I pulled their cock as far into my mouth as it would go, and they told me I was a good girl.  I encouraged them to grab my hair, and soon they were holding my head in place and really fucking my face, purring and moaning and telling me I was a good girl over and over.  I took their cock as deep as I could, and they reached around to feel the bulge in my throat, clearly getting super turned on when they found it.

I wanted to keep going.  I just really, really love sucking their cock.  But eventually, I was forced to admit that my throat was starting to hurt.  They pulled out the Share and pushed the wearer's end into my mouth so I could suck off their delicious juices.  "Good girl," they purred as I licked it clean.

I somehow ended up sitting with my hands in front of me balled into fists, and they pointed out that I was making hooves with my hands.  They stroked my breasts and teased me about being their cow-girl, then they stroked my tits firmly, pulling down as if they were milking me.  It felt delicious and humiliating and lovely.

Then they pulled out the Hitachi and we took turns getting each other off.  I asked if they'd finger-fuck me, and they said they were worried they'd hit my spot and make me squirt and wreck the bed.  I asked if I could hold the Hitachi, and as they pushed their fingers into me, rocking against my gspot, I came and came, squeezing their fingers and actually crying out their name, which I think I've only done a handful of times before.  When I was done shaking, they laid back and I slipped my fingers into them.  I pushed my fingers against their insides, and I talked.  I talked about how much I love being their slut, how much I loved the way they fucked my face.  I swirled my fingers inside them and I kept up the dirty talk and soon I could feel them squeeze my fingers tight as they came.  I love making them come.

I'm pretty sure we high-fived before going to sleep.  It was a night of really amazing play and sex.  We just keep getting better at this.


Link Roundup!

There are interesting things happening in the little corner of the blogosphere that I follow, and so I figured I'd write up a quick post in order to share them with y'all.

Cliff Pervocracy reads Fifty Shades of Grey
I've raved a bunch about Jenny Trout's thorough sporking of 50soG.  Cliff is one of my favorite bloggers, and has been for years.  Their take on 50 is way darker than Jenny Trout's, while it definitely has funny moments, I really appreciate how well they break down the abusive behavior exhibited in the book.  They're only 13 chapters in, so there will be more posts I'm sure.

Cardinal Rules: 21st Century Advice on Love, Life, and Other Sundry Bullshit
This is a brand new advice blog.  Like, it literally just started today.  It's written by a queer lady who is fed up with how awful Dan Savage is.  Like many of us.  I really like her first post (especially since I've been in the situation of feeling gross and pressured about sex with one partner, but very into sex with another partner) and I'm super excited to see where things go from here.

Top to Bottom: Bi Guys Bite Back
The fabulous Lucas of Top to Bottom put out a call for bi dudes to respond the recent awful remarks Patti Stanger (of Millionaire Matchmaker fame) made about bisexual men in an interview.  The results are delightful.  I am so over bi erasure/invisibility/phobia.

What awesome blog posts have you been reading lately?



So the first thing you should know about this sex I'm writing about in this post is that Jurassic Park was on in the background while it was happening.  Remember that.  Also, since it was late at night and a lot of stuff happened, I don't really remember the order in which everything happened, so I'm going to try to get it all in here in vignette form.

-I do remember that it started with the Hitachi and that I very quickly got close to squirting.  "You'd better not make a mess," Garnet warned, "I just washed these sheets."  I had to ask to stop and get the Fascinator.

-They made me squirt a lot.  At one point they had me straddle their belly while they worked on my clit with the Hitachi and I started to let go and squirt on top of them and they scolded me for not asking permission first.  Later, after I'd come a lot and squirted a lot, they asked if I could do it one more time.  They had me choose a curvy dildo and they Hitachi-ed me until I squirted right onto their cunt.  It was really hot.

-We tried a lot of new things, including a new dildo.  It's w-shaped and designed to be used in scissor-position.  It was kind of cool, but the insertible parts were really long and my shallow vagina made it tricky to get as close to Garnet as I would've liked.  It felt good, but I don't think it's going to be a go-to toy in the future.

-At one point, Garnet got up and excused themselves for a minute.  They came back and we were kind of lounging and snuggling and watching the dinosaurs.  I had already gone down on them, and had a lot of fun licking and sucking at their bits.  They tasted delicious, and they were really wet and they wriggled and made yummy noises while I licked at them.  Thinking about this, it occurred to me that I've gone down on them a bunch, but I've never eaten their ass before.  In what was possibly an awkward conversational tone, I said "I'd definitely be up for eating your ass sometime...just, y'know, in case you ever wanted to do that."  And they laughed and admitted they'd gone to get cleaned up before and were trying to figure out how to bring up rimming.

I really liked it, slipping my tongue over the tight ring of muscle, feeling it move and react and open up to the attention.  They were slippery and warm and yummy and I really liked exploring and stimulating a new part of their body.  It was really fun.

-We attempted scissoring.  We played around with the dildo, and with the Hitachi between us, and then we tried just rubbing our bits together (again, something neither of us had really done before).  It was pretty awesome with the Hitachi, but without it didn't really do much for either of us.  But we tried it.  Yay for experimenting!

-I came a lot.  They really made me come and shake and beg until I couldn't take anymore.  They just took control away from me and made my body do what they wanted so many times.  I really love when they make me lose control so completely like that.  I was shaking and moaning and screaming and coming and coming for so long.  They are so good at taking me to intense places.

-They asked me to help them get off, and they let me use my fingers.  I slipped two fingers into them while they Hitachi-ed themselves, and they were so wet.  I also can't remember a time when I've felt their g-spot so distinctly.  They were so warm and soft and just...fascinating inside.  The feel of them around and against my fingers was amazing.  I pushed and swirled and pulled my fingers against them, watching and feeling their reactions.  It was really exciting.

After a little while, they started to come.  I pushed my fingers harder inside them as they wriggled and moaned and called out my name.  They ordered me not to stop fucking them, and then asked me to add a finger.  I slipped a third finger inside them, they were so slippery inside as they clutched at my fingers.  My pinky finger followed, and I joked that they were so open and hungry that I could probably get my whole hand inside them.  The look they gave me wasn't joking.  "Do you want me to try?" I asked, and they nodded.  I tucked my thumb against my other fingers, and their slickness all but pulled me inside.  My whole hand slid in easily and I could feel their warm wetness closing over me.  I laughed, delighted.  "I'm doing it, Sir!  My whole fist is inside you!"  I gently twisted my hand and they moaned and laughed.  We were both so excited and happy.

They asked me to pull out not long after, and I did.  We laughed and hugged and they expressed disbelief that I'd actually fisted them.  I totally did, though, and it was amazing.

I love that we still get to experiment and try new things, along with doing familiar stuff.  I also love having sex with them.  I'm such a lucky girl.


So many things have happened...

So, here are some of the things that have been going on since I last had a chance to write:

-My awesome roommate and I got kicked out of our enormous apartment and had to find a new place to live and then move into said new place with only, like, four days notice.

-I got super stressed and depressed and freaked out by the apartment issues and moving and everything.

-Garnet was generally amazing and helped me cope so much.

-I've been working on getting back into therapy, since my amazing therapist left her job, leaving me therapist-less.  I'm also working on getting psych services for medication management, since my meds don't seem to be working as well as once they were.

-In the midst of all the stress and awfulness, Garnet invited me to come visit and I had a really good time.  While I was there, we went to party and fun things happened.

-We had a really fun impact scene, involving exciting new toys like a cane made from a golf club that is delicious and thumpy and awesome.  I really really enjoyed the way they hurt me, and I feel like I'm way more aware of how I deal with pain since the pain processing class at TFW, and that has made me a better communicator.  I feel like each part of the scene went like this: warm up/slow ramp-up in beating, with me sighing happily and clutching at the St. Andrew's Cross I was up against, and wiggling my butt and getting really turned on.  Then, more intense/more challenging pain, which I've come to realize makes me do a little foot stompy dance and make more noises.  After that, more intense impact (like sudden, hard cane or crop strokes), which make me scream and/or cry.  Anything after the foot-stompy-dance is hard to take.  Garnet brought me up to the edge and pulled back from it several times, and then finally we went past that place and I cried and then we wound down.  It was really, really yummy.  I love how in-tune we are when we play like this.  I just wish I could take more so they could  last longer.

-We had an amazing doll play scene, which is kind of hard to write about because I was in a very different headspace while it was going on and I don't remember it super well.  Garnet had me take my clothes off and put on cute tights, then they had me hop up on a chair so they could do my makeup.  I started feeling really deliciously objectified when they started just setting their makeup case on my lap, like I was just part of the chair.  They did my makeup and clipped bows in my hair, and dressed me in a pretty, frilly dress.  They zipped little high-heeled boots on my feet and brought me around the party to show me off to their friends.
My vision was unfocused and I wasn't really in my body, only vaguely  aware of what was going on.  I concentrated on a verse of poetry if/when it felt like my headspace might be slipping.  It was very...meditative.

The weirdest part was that, while I was in doll space, my feet didn't hurt at all and I could walk in my boots just fine.  As soon as Garnet brought me out of it, my feet were killing me and I had trouble walking.  I'll be interested to see if this is a thing that continues...

-The next day we went to a Pride festival thingy, and it was very fun (though crowded) and we located an alley full of leather folk and people we knew were doing demos!  So Conall caned me.  Among other things, he used an antique shoe horn, and it made me feel like a naughty maid, and it was very fun.   I wish I could've taken more, but I was still super sore from my scene with Garnet the night before.  After, I was kind of worried if I said how much I enjoyed it that Garnet would be hurt/jealous, but they were actually pretty delighted.  I feel like this was a significant and important thing for me to experience.

-Garnet and I snuggled a lot, and had important talks, and watched movies.  It was really good to spend time together.

So yeah...things are starting to settle a bit after suddenly moving.  I want to try to get back on track, both mental health-wise and submission-wise before work gets really crazy with holiday stuff.  Wish me luck!